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Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Carpet and Pad

Posted on 19 July 2020 by marycimeni (0)

Carpets are not forever. You may like it or not but they need to be replaced every after 10 or 15 years. An old carpet though it may still look nice can accumulate bacteria from people and animals going in and out of your house. Here are the essential benefits of replacing your home’s carpet and pad.

Improves aesthetics

Like the colors of your home, your carpet can also fade out of fashion. Replacing can improve the aesthetics of your interior and add a fresh look to the area where you prefer to place it. Popular residential carpet styles today are multi-tone but pastels and nudes are also trending.

Increases the value of your home

Do you plan to sell your home? Well, replacing your home carpet and pad will add more posh to your home and boost its value. Choose a carpet with a lifetime product and installation warranty and reduce the amount of remodeling the next homeowner would do. This is just a perfect way to win a prospect’s heart!

Improves the air quality of your living

 Have you ever wondered why some parts of your home have foul smells regardless of the air freshener? This is probably because of your old carpet. Old carpets can accumulate dust, molds, and particles that can cause foul odor. When not replaced they could turn into sickness-causing bacteria or virus that will put your family’s health in danger. Replace your old carpet

Improves comfort

Nothing beats the comfort of having a new carpet in the home. It doesn’t only make your home more beautiful but it makes the home breathable and cozy. Replacing an old carpet also has positive effects on mental health. It makes you happy and relaxed. If you have kids in the house, replacing your old carpet is a clever move to make your kids safe from diseases caused by a dirty carpet. And you may just find yourself sitting on the floor and watching a movie together.

Eliminates bacteria

 Bacteria and viruses can build up on your old carpet which is why you need to replace them.  A new carpet will get rid of the bacteria that can cause health issues to your family and make your living space more inviting. So don’t wait until someone gets sick. Replace your carpet today and make some positive changes in your home.