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Exterior Painting Tips for Stucco Houses

Posted on 17 February 2020 by admin (0)

Stucco houses are quite artistic and sturdy. They can last through the test of time. Even so, old stucco houses need repainting to bring back their attractive façade. These exterior painting tips for stucco houses are all you need to get started.

Preparing the Stucco for Painting

Make sure to remove the dust and dirt from the surface of the stucco. You don’t want to mix undesirable elements to the paint as they will add scratches to the wall and prevent even distribution of pain.  If the stucco has a deep texture, you can use a power washer to get rid of the dirt.

Cover hairline cracks in the stucco using a masonry-compatible caulking. If there is a large crack, make sure of a putty knife to remove loose debris. Once everything is clear, you can refill it with a new stucco.

How to Paint Stucco Houses

Use a masonry primer as a coating to the stucco. Start by brushing the primer around the edges before going to the center. Make sure you cover every corner and not leaving spaces. You better a 5-gallon of paint to ensure you have enough paint for the exterior wall. We suggest that you use a roller grid when painting, which can perfectly fit into the gallon.

Cover the entire stucco with the primer. If the stucco is somewhat old, it is important that you cover the stains first with a stain-blocking primer. Your roller also depends on how thick the stucco texture is. If your stucco is large, you need to use a thicker nap to evenly distribute the paint. Do not push the roller too hard against the wall to prevent roller streaks.

Let the primer dry before putting the paint. This is going to test your patience but not waiting until it settles down will mix both paint together. This will leave some lumps and uneven texture resulting into undesirable façade.

Materials for Painting Stucco Houses

Painting stucco houses will require masonry primer and masonry paint for best results. You will also need a 5-gallon plastic bucket which you can use to mix the paint. The large nap roller is used to coat the stucco perfectly.

We hope that you enjoy these Exterior painting tips for stucco houses. If you are planning to paint bigger houses, make sure you have the complete materials, enough training, and a working buddy.