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How To Refurbish Your Shutters

Posted on 28 March 2019 by admin (0)

Window shutters can give your room a classic look and provide shade and privacy from the outside. Since shutters have moving pieces, they may become damaged through repeated use. When this happens, you will need to remove the shutters from the wall for repair or replacement. Taking these shutters off the wall is easy to do, but several steps need to be followed to do so.

  1. Open the shutters completely. Once open, locate the hinges that attach the shutters to the support piece of wood.
  2. Unscrew the hinges and remove the shutters. Make sure you support the straps as you unhinge them and delete each shutter in one piece.
  3. Unscrew the hinges from the piece of wood that is attached to the wall. Make sure all hooks are entirely removed before proceeding.
  4. Remove the support beams from the wall. Support beams can be done in several ways depending on how they were attached to the wall, to begin with. If the piece was screwed to the wall, you can simply unscrew them. If they were nailed to the wall, try to pull the nails out with the hammer. If that doesn’t work, use a pry bar and pry the piece from the wall.
  5. Remove any additional hardware from the wall. If the pieces were screwed in, there might be other anchors in the wall that need to be pulled out. Fill any holes with spackling paste with a putty knife.


It can be a lot of fun painting and painting fun little projects on your own without an expensive professional painter. No experience is necessary.

The Perfect Way to Paint Shutters

Painting shutters are often one of those jobs that get put off until it’s just impossible to ignore any longer. Fortunately, the actual process is much easier than it appears at the onset. With some prep work and a few simple techniques, those shutters will look shiny and new in no time.

Spray Painting

By far, the easiest and quickest way to paint shutters is to use spray paint. Choose the type of paint carefully, taking into consideration the material of the shutters. Remove the shutters and take them outdoors to a shaded area before prepping them with primer paint or a slight sandpaper scuffing. Hang the shutters to an existing structure or even a tree branch, using eye hooks. Spray them thoroughly from front and back angles. Keep the slats slightly open when painting to avoid sticking. After the first coat is dry, turn the shutters upside down and look for missed spots, then apply a second coat.

Brush Painting

If removing the shutters is not an option, go to Plan B: brush painting. Use an angled sash brush to aid in reaching between the slats. Tape off the surrounding areas and prep shutters with primer and light sandpaper, if needed paint the slats and frames in three different layers, adjusting the opening of the slats, as required. Use a light application of paint for each segment and it dry before applying the next one. This keeps paint from oozing into the gaps at the end of the louver and shutter frames, which makes them potentially inoperable. The third and final layer will be the touch-up, where you can paint missed crevices and smooth out collected paint puddles.

Reinstall your window shutters

There is no need for you to possess technical knowledge as shutter re-installation involves straightforward steps. You will experience no uncertain time in the re-installation of you your shutters.

When re-installing window shutters, make sure that you have with you the simple re-installation manual, and it will guide you on the right track. In the absence of manuals, merely try asking guidance from an expert on shutter installation and in no time will you see yourself putting the window treatments successfully.

Window shutters are available in many shops albeit hardware stores, and retail shops will undoubtedly have the most variety of models for you to choose from. For more information on shutters before deciding on re-installing one for yourself, only go online or ask your store clerk, particularly on how to reinstall them.