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Tips for a Kitchen Remodel DIY

Posted on 01 April 2018 by admin (0)

Decorating a kitchen is a very personal process and irrespective of what kind of budget you are on, your family deserves a beautiful, stylish and dated kitchen. From the countertop material to the cabinet color, to the appliances. The search for modern styles that are affordable for a kitchen remodel can be a little stressful and scary. So, we’ve decided to share with you some basic steps that will help you through the remodeling process.

Tip 1: Choose what you want to remodel and determine the budget

This is the first task to carry out. If you are able to work with your current electrical and plumbing layout, and cabinets, you’ll save a lot and be able to dedicate more money to fun and amazing kitchen upgrades. If you are remodeling a kitchen, you should NOT spend over 5-15% of the total value of your home. Whenever you intend to do an upgrade, make sure you do the math and be sure it favors you. It is advisable to budget an extra 10% as contingency cost

Tip 2: Determine what style you want before talking to professionals

Knowing what style you want will help make your kitchen remodeling plans easier and it will also help you explain your ideas better to the designers. Go through blogs, magazines and photo galleries to get ideas.

Tip 3: Consider your kitchen space

The most important phase of any kitchen remodel is the layout of that kitchen. Properly visualizing how your kitchen will be used will be of tremendous help when planning your spatial design

Tip 4: Carefully choose your contractor

It is very important that you carefully select the contractor you want to work with. Make sure they are reliable, go through their reviews or ratings, ask for referrals, and look at their credentials as well. In all these, it is also important to follow your instincts. Once you’ve selected the contractor to work with, put everything in writing and carefully go through the contract before signing.

Tip 5: Review the upgrade and make sure you are satisfied with this upgrade

Without being said, you must make sure all the appliances are working perfectly, the cabinets open and close properly and the hardware knobs are in place. Also, make sure you have the warranties for the appliances.



We hope you find these tips helpful as you begin the plans for your kitchen remodel.